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October 10, 2012 / Lundie

GTasks – Best Google Tasks Mobile App (to date)

If you know me very well, you are probably aware that I am an avid Google User.  Of all the Google Apps, the one with the most potential, and yet, so far, the least developed is Google Tasks.

When working on my computer, I switch between using the Tasks pop-up box in Gmail and using the Tasks Canvas view.  It’s a simple full screen view of your tasks, with the task lists on the left hand side for easy switching.  It has limited usefulness though.  Unlike many of the various Google Apps, it does not handle switching between accounts. The Canvas is only available for the default account (the first account you logged into).

When mobile, though, there hasn’t been any app that would allow me to access tasks, so I went looking for a Third-Party app to fill the gap.

And happily found GTasks by Dato Jun.

Pros: It syncs cleanly with Google Tasks. You can add reminders and repeating tasks within the app.
Cons: You can lose some repeating tasks if tasks are completed or removed from the Google side in a weird way

November 28, 2011 / Lundie

Hulu+ on my Android

I’ve already moved most of my TV watching to Hulu Plus, simply because I can have shows in my queue, and can watch them on a second screen while I pay bills and other non-exciting computer tasks, but now, with the app on my phone, attached to my home Wi-Fi, I can take my shows wherever I need to be.  Sometimes it’s nice to take the edge off folding piles of laundry and emptying the dishwasher!

November 14, 2011 / Lundie

Happy Monday

Good morning!  Just getting my new work blog up and running.  Looking forward to sharing my cool stuff with y’all!